Bachelor in Economics of Business Enterprises

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Programma Beschrijving

Bachelor in Economics of Business Enterprises

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Distinctive features of the study program: The program emphasizes practical training.

The College established SIMULITH center gives the opportunity for students to practice in a professional business training firm Biurometa. During the training in this firm students work in different company’s departments (finance - accounting, purchasing, sales - marketing, and personnel) and simulate the actual business - financial performance of the enterprise. Students have access to actual documents, implement their own ideas and plans, and get to experience the real company business practices, collaborate with other Lithuanian and foreign practical training companies.

During the studies, students learn about the modeling of economic processes ECOSYS. These simulation activities are aimed to make students aware of inter-working principles among the government, businesses, households, and media; and to learn to make short-term and long-term strategic decisions that affect the sustainable development of the state; also give understanding and knowledge of the calculation and assessment of key economic indicators; develop students' abilities to work in a team, discuss and present ideas convincingly.

Studies in the college help to strengthen personal qualities necessary for successful work of the economist: logical-analytical thinking, responsibility, creativity, entrepreneurship and other characteristics.

The program content

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Research Methodology and Data Analysis, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Technologies of informatics, Fundamentals of management, Economics of Business Enterprises, Economy of Investments, Financial Basics, Marketing Basics, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Course Paper, Logistics, Regional Economics, Banking, Personnel Health and Safety, Accounting, Planning of Enterprise Activity, Pricing, Business Taxation, Econometrics.

Students selecting the specialization of Marine Business economics are studying Marine business enterprises economics, Marine business legal regulation, organization of port labor, logistics and forwarding. And those selecting the specialization of Finance of business enterprises are studying Business financial management, Public finance, International financial settlement, Financial markets, and institutions.

There are three stages of practice: cognitive practice, professional practice, the final professional practice.

Admission requirements

Applicants who have passed the final exams and gained the maturity certificate may apply for the state non-funded place (VNF). Admission to the state-non- funded studies takes place directly in the University of Applied Sciences.

Those who want to study in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences according to the state non-funded place and get scholarship (VNF / st), must participate in the general admission from June 1st until July 21st during the general admission to all Lithuanian institutions of higher education at Applicants connect to LAMA BPO website and indicate: Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences; the study program; VNF / study scholarship *

* Study scholarship is given to students at all levels, who apply for the state non-funded study places with the highest scores. Study scholarship is awarded for the whole study period. At the end of each academic year, a student can choose to study the same study program in a different institution of higher education without losing the scholarship.

Subjects of the competitive score and weighted coefficient for applying for the state non-funded place with the study scholarship (VNF / st) and gained the maturity certificate in 2017:

  1. Mathematics 0.4 (state leaving exam)
  2. The Lithuanian language and literature 0.2 (state or school leaving exam)
  3. Foreign language (English, German or French) (state leaving exam)
  4. History or Geography 0.2 (state exam or final annual mark)
  5. Foreign language / Information Technology / Biology / Geography / History / Arts 0.2 (state leaving exam or school leaving exam or final annual mark)


Graduates will have the opportunity to work as an economist, analyst, accountant, project manager or other competencies requiring economist positions in businesses, government and economic and financial institutions, to develop their own business. Graduates will be able to evaluate the business, national, regional, global economic trends, provide appropriate strategies.

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Sept. 2018
Litouwen - Memel, Klaipėda
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Sept. 2018
Litouwen - Memel, Klaipėda
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