Bachelor in Sales and Logistics Management

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Programma Beschrijving

Bachelor in Sales and Logistics Management

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Sales and logistics management study program is designed to prepare qualified professional bachelor’s degree specialists in sales and logistics management to be able to understand the major national and international transport and logistics systems, specialists having relative and modern knowledge in transport and logistics, also who will be able to forecast, plan, organize continuous work process in logistics companies or departments, to organize sales, production or storage, to ensure the quality of activities, to coordinate domestic and international sales through innovative sales, marketing, sales logistics, management methods, to form business sales policy, to arrange trade technology and stock, to implement advertising campaign, to apply the latest e-commerce and communication technologies, to set up a private company and be able to lead and manage it.

Possible specializations:

  • Marine transport logistics
  • Wares Distribution Logistics
  • Sales Management

The program content

Future managers study general university subjects and subjects of study branch: Professional foreign language, Document management, Economic theory, Information technology, Research methodology and data analysis, Occupational safety and health, Basics of law, Commercial/business law, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics, Enterprise Economics, Personnel Management, Basics of Management, Accounting, Marketing and Logistics, Entrepreneurship, Specialization coursework, Total quality management, Transport logistics and administration, Customs duty and insurance, Sales logistics. Subjects of the chosen specialization: Maritime transport logistics, Sales management, and Product distribution logistics.

Students study 35 subjects in total. The study program includes three internships: introductory-training, professional, which takes place in the firm “Biurometa” that provides practical business training and final. The overall volume of internships is 30 credits. During these internships, students consolidate and improve their skills in organizing company's work, market research performance, trading technology and stock arrangement, advertising campaign implementation and other activities.

The study program is completed by the defense of the professional Bachelor’s thesis. The graduate is granted a management Professional Bachelor’s degree.

Admission requirements

Applicants who have passed the final exams and gained the maturity certificate may apply for the state non-funded place (VNF). Admission to the state-non- funded studies takes place directly in the University of Applied Sciences.

Those who want to study in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences according to the state non-funded place and get scholarship (VNF / st), must participate in the general admission from June 1st until July 21st during the general admission to all Lithuanian institutions of higher education at Applicants connect to LAMA BPO website and indicate: Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences; the study program; VNF / study scholarship *

* Study scholarship is given to students at all levels, who apply for the state non-funded study places with the highest scores. Study scholarship is awarded for the whole study period. At the end of each academic year, a student can choose to study the same study program in a different institution of higher education without losing the scholarship.

Subjects of the competitive score and weighted coefficient for applying for the state non-funded place with the study scholarship (VNF / st) and gained the maturity certificate in 2017:

  1. Mathematics 0.4 (state leaving exam)
  2. The Lithuanian language and literature 0.2 (state or school leaving exam)
  3. Foreign language (English, German or French) (state leaving exam)
  4. History or Geography 0.2 (state exam or final annual mark)
  5. Foreign language / Information Technology / Biology / Geography / History / Arts 0.2 (state leaving exam or school leaving exam or final annual mark)


After the study graduates will be able to work:

  • To set up a logistics company, to plan, to organize the company's commercial activities.
  • Take care companies in wholesale and retail trade.
  • To ensure the quality of performance, form the company's trading policy, analyze the market, consumers' needs.
  • Graduates can work in logistics, supply management, transportation, storage and transshipment services enterprises logistics function coordinators, mediators, representatives large, medium and small vehicles, logistics enterprises, production and trade, warehouses and terminals, road, rail, sea and air transport ( supply and marketing departments), transport forwarding services providers.

After graduating in sales and logistics management students are able to continue studying at university and pursue a higher level qualification in the field of social sciences or management.

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