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Team Academy - Entrepreneurial University of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Team Academy - Entrepreneurial University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Amsterdam, Nederlanden

4 Years


Full time

31 Jul 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 13.750 / per year **

Op de campus

* Als je een VISA nodig hebt, moet je vóór 15 maart 2024 een aanvraag indienen, omdat we de VISA-papieren uiterlijk 1 mei naar het immigratiekantoor moeten sturen om je VISA op tijd te garanderen (om je aanvraag, je VISA-papieren en de betaling af te ronden

** tuition fees vary depending on the year, we do not offer scholarships


Team Academy offers a professional and unique program for students who would like to learn about entrepreneurship,
develop their leadership AND personal skills while working in their own company.

Our program is exciting and challenging and demands flexibility, creativity, hard work, and perseverance.

Are you motivated with an entrepreneurial mindset and a proactive attitude? Do you like to learn how to develop your business and work hard? Come and join us at Team Academy and apply now!

With your guts, hard work, and commitment, we believe that you can turn your interest and passion into an interesting business

We believe that being entrepreneurial is a mindset and a craft you can learn, but not only in a classroom. Becoming an entrepreneur demands entrepreneurial learning. Together with more than 25 Team Academies all over the world, we are empowering an ambitious generation of conscious entrepreneurial minds to make a difference in the world by helping them discover their passions and achieve their goals.

But It Not All About Entrepreneurship

At Team Academy, a University of Applied Sciences, we offer an accredited international Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. However, a great deal of our program also focuses on personal development: reflection, accountability, book reading (of your choice), personal coaching, and being motivated to get out of your comfort zone.

Among many aspects, our program contains:

  • Working and learning together in entrepreneurial teams
  • Applying theory from entrepreneurial courses into practice (assignments, presentations, and NOT exams)
  • Visiting companies and learning from them
  • Helping companies with their actual challenges
  • Working in your own company and building an entrepreneurial mindset, while developing the skills you need as an entrepreneur

Why Is Our Program Unique?

Our students would like to personally tell you all about this at our introduction events (online or on location), for which you can sign up here.

Want to read more about our uniqueness?

Our method: Guided Self-organized Learning

Team Academy’s learning method is based on the concept of guided, self-organized learning in teams. The teams will have a bi-annual evaluation in which they can thoroughly evaluate themselves, each other, and the team as a whole. As a team, the students make decisions on how best to maximize their educational experience. With the findings of the evaluation, they can then implement these findings into their learning contacts. These learning contracts will create a clear goal and action plan that the student can follow.

In these learning contracts, you write about which specific skills you plan to develop, the books you plan to read, companies you would like to visit, and speakers you would like to invite personally and as a team. This way, you can continue to achieve your goals and personally develop.

A bachelor that is designed to make you accountable and to become the best version of yourself. You’ll be ready for every situation in the 21st century.

How do this work?

Learning by Doing

At Team Academy, you launch your own business or entrepreneurial project during your study. You create real products and services, design your marketing strategy, work with real clients, and earn real profits, by applying everything you learn into practice immediately.

Learning in Teams

Learn in small teams of like-minded entrepreneurs. Participate in workshops and masterclasses, do business, travel the world, and learn and work as a team. Together you’ll improve your communication skills, and creativity, support each other, collaborate, and build a lifelong connection.

Learning From the Best

Our students are supported by a team of coaches, business mentors, and field experts. Our staff includes a combination of high-level educators top professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. We’re proud to have a ratio of 1 staff member to every 3 students.

Learning and Traveling

Every year you’ll travel to different international destinations. Together with your team, you’ll explore countries like Romania, South Africa, the USA, and more. You’ll work with local students and companies, build connections for your business, and join a network of creative Team Academy students.


Open Doors

Our Open Doors, our introduction event, is your first introduction to the school, curriculum, staff, and our students.

It’s a different event than regular open days: it is personal and smaller than you’d expect.

It’s not a walk-in, as we start and end the event together; talk to every attendee; students and team members share their personal experiences, and we have a fun team activity!

Let’s find out if there is a match between you and Team Academy, sign up for our events here!

Student for a day

We are organizing a day for new students in February. Do you want to be a TA student for a day? Join a workshop, a business session, and a 2-hours challenge from an actual business! Join us on February 28th.

You can also reach out and join a team session, business session, or workshop at our location.

What did others say about this?

“I find it interesting to compare this program and other business administration studies. Among what I have seen and learned today and what students tell me, the courses are somewhat the same. Still, the biggest differences I have seen today are the very experienced and professional teachers, the close and motivated classes, and the practical assignments. I got very excited about Team Academy and found it really cool to be able to attend this session.”

We Have an Event Every Month!

We prefer you to have a complete experience on location by talking to our students & staff in person, seeing the students’ projects & businesses, and exploring the school.

However, we organize both on-location and online Open Doors every Academic Year.
You can also directly meet a student to ask all your questions and share experiences. Once you sign up, you’ll receive more information about the event.



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