Universiteiten, Scholen en Hogescholen in de Verenigde Kioto de Japan

Top Universiteiten in de Verenigde Kioto van Japan 2019

Universiteiten en Business scholen voor bacheloropleidingen in Kioto. Vind alle informatie over de top gerangschikt universiteiten in Kioto hier, en rechtstreeks contact met hen!

3 Resultaten in Kioto

Doshisha University, The Institute for the Liberal Arts

BA Japan Kioto April 2019

The Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) at Doshisha University, one of Japan’s oldest and top ranking universities, offers a world-class academic experience. As students study for their degrees, they gain international experience in Japan and have opportunities to acquire experience abroad, to intern, and to learn Japanese at our acclaimed Center for Japanese Language and Culture. Studying at the ILA offers the best of both worlds: a small Institute within a large university.

Ritsumeikan University

Bachelor BA Japan Kioto Osaka Kusatsu Verenigde Staten Washington D.C. April 2019 +3 more

Conducting all courses in English, the programs in Ritsumeikan University enable access to the variety of academic courses for students not good enough at Japanese. On the other hand, international students also have opportunities to learn Japanese in regular courses after entering these programs in order to make the most of their student life in Japan.

Doshisha Business School

Japan Kioto April 2019

Doshisha Business School